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        Celeste Nield, Nice To Meet Ya

        Oh I see you...stalking me. I love it. I love the attention so please stalk me some more.

        I'm not perfect and that's okay! By me not being perfect, allows myself to grow and achieve what I am meant to achieve.

        About Me

        Hey! It’s Celeste, I’m a Mother, Wife, and full-time photographer.  My husband Derrick is someone I couldn’t live without.  Literally.  We are high school sweethearts and we had are fun of sneaking out, makin out, and a lot more.

        Now, we’re married and we have one little.  His name is Lincoln and he is MY WORLD.  Seriously if I could put all my loves, hobbies, etc, he would be at the top.

        Here’s what I love:

        My Family–Lincoln, Derrick, and our dog Mayzie

        Toaster Strudels, Razor Rides, Outdoors is life, playin with our precious dog Mayzie, soda stands, long drives, sleep, weird af selfies, walking barefoot, and creating something everyday.  I’m kind of a work-aholic…💁

        I’m an extrovert/introvert…can you even be both? I feel like I have moments when I am SUPER confident and out going.  Then I have moments when I’ll literally sneak away from large groups of people just so I don’t have to talk to anyone.

        I’m also an open book.  It’s kind of a problem.

        At our shoots, I’ll be playing music and making sure that the session is revolved around you.  After all these are your moments I am freezing in time.  We are going to have a literal blast.