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        The engagement is one of the most magical moments for a bride but a day or two days after, wedding planning begins. This can be one of the scariest thoughts as a new bride to be especially in Utah.  Now, there are two main different types of brides in Utah.  The ceremony bride and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints temple bride.  Both are wonderful but both weddings are very different.   

        Lets start with the Latter-Day Saint Bride. 

        We love and adore you. More times than not, this bride wants to book a temple.  Covid has made things a little different for this bride.  Usually she would pick a wedding date, call the temple, save the date etc.  As of November 2020 Temples won’t take brides booking a date until 3 months before.  So Latter-Day Saint brides no rush.  After you get engaged, here are the steps to take.  But first, take that selfie and post it.  Breathe for the next 24 hours and get planning!

        1: Pick a date.

        Set an alarm to call the temple when it is exactly 3 months before the wedding date.  Call first thing in the morning and (pick a weekday they are less stressful and most vendors have a weekday price that is slightly cheaper then a weekend date.  This includes Celeste Nield Photo.

        2:Create a wedding budget  

        Put the things that are most important to you first.  That’s where you should be putting the majority of your budget.   

        3. Pick a Venue to have your Luncheon and Reception 

        Depending on what temple you want to get married in, we suggest picking a venue that is about 15-30 min away from the temple you choose (this phase you may also find a wedding planner as well). 

        4. Book a Professional Photographer and Videographer

        Do not wait on this.  Yes it’s important to look around for photo and video.  However, it’s more important to find the one you want, give them the deposit and book your date. With Covid, find a photographer that has an associate. The reason for this is you don’t know the future.  But associates edit the exact same as the head photographer.  If your head photographer were to get sick and your temple date wasn’t open, it’s important to hire someone that has associates that will give you the timeless editing you want.  Don’t wait too long on this.  Otherwise you might end up with your Aunt that owns a camera taking the pictures for you.

        5. Book your engagement session and first look session with your photographer

        Trust us.

        6. Find Catering Near Your Venue

        7. Decide on Your Flowers

        (here’s where you can really deiced on your wedding colors as well)

        8. Guest List

        9. Book  Your Cake

        10. Register for Gifts and Send “Save the Dates” 

        If you’re low on ideas for your wedding (while you are dating and you know he is going to purpose create a private wedding inspo board or save whatever catches your eye on instagram.  That way you can make your decisions easier when you are engaged.)


        Ceremony Brides,

        We love you.  If there is one thing we have learned taking your photos is that our ceremony brides usually start planning their wedding 1 year to 6 months in advanced.  Here’s some different steps you can take as soon as you’re engaged.

        1. Take that Selfie or a picture of you both and the Ring Bling.

        Take a good moment to enjoy being engaged just with your significant other.  

        2. Announce to Family First, Then Friends that are Basically Family, Then to Your Friends (social media).

        3. Plan Your Engagement Party

        Celebrate your engagement!  Get all your closest friends and family together to drink, laugh, dance, and celebrate your engagement. You can have an online party or in person.  Or you can choose to have no party.  This is where people can come together to celebrate the news.

        4. Set a Budget

        Remember the things that are most important to you should be where you put majority of your budget.  We advise your top three items are where your budget should mostly go to. 

        5. Draft out your guest list

         You’ll decide who is coming and who isn’t.  If this starts to put a whole in your pocket or start issues with your family, take a step back.   If you’re really having a hard time about deciding on one person, think about if you’d have them over to your house for game night or even dinner.  If you wouldn’t don’t invite them.

        6. Choose a wedding date

         When you start looking at venues in the next step you’ll want to have a date in mind to tell the venue.  

        7. Think about the Big Picture

        This is really the image you have of your wedding.  The vibe, style, and over all look you want your wedding to have.  This will help when you start touring venues and will make the decision easier for you to choose one.

        8. Choose your venue and set the date with them

        9. Hire Your Photographer and Videographer

        Book them asap.  Expect to pay anywhere from a 500- 1/2 the total of the photo or video package.  This deposit secures your date with these vendors so do not wait. 

        10. Register for Gifts


        Happy Planning

        XO, Celeste Nield at Celete Nield Photo


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