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        I am so thankful you are interested in me being your mentor! I hope you enjoyed the video above done by Reggie Anne Photo and Film. It's just a small sneak of how I shoot and who you COULD be learning from. I understand how you feel about your business and I am here to help you because trust me....I've been in your shoes! There are so many things that I know now that I wish someone, anyone would have helped me out with. It would have saved me so much time and....a LOT of money. If when I was first starting I had a photographer I admired offer mentor sessions I would have jumped right in as fast as possible.

        I want you to know I am at a place now where I have invested in myself and my business to the point where I feel I have knowledge I can really offer you. I want you to know I "Keep it real" meaning talk to me, tell me what your happy with, frustrated with, anxious about, etc. Lets help you learn because I'm still learning every stinking day. I'm still attending workshops, I'm still trying too. But, I truly feel like I can help you. So let's get down to business. Grow and learn with me and from me<3

        IT'S ABOUT YOU

        Your mentor session is 100% about you.

        It's all about what you want to learn.  In order to truly cater to your needs, you will receive a questionare so you can tell me what you are wanting to be educated on.  After the session you will get an email about everything we have gone over.


        60 minutes of whatever you would like to discuss.  This is great for those who don’t really want an in person session, live out of state, or it’s just easier for you.   Ice cream is always welcome even though we’re not right by each other:)  I want you to make sure you have a list of questions you would like to ask me.

        Topics I plan to cover:

        – marketing + social media

        – pricing

        – editing tips

        – Camera setting

        – booking ideal client

        – how to help clients fell comfortable




        2 hours of being with each other.  We will chill, grab coffee (I don’t drink coffee) but lets go to a coffee shop anyways.  Make sure to bring a laptop with your questions to go over.  If you don’t really have time to do a shoot, this is perfect because I can sit right by you and see your workflow, website, etc.

        Topics I will cover:

        – finding your ideal client

        – how to find your editing style

        – website

        – photo delivery + work flow

        – marketing + social media

        – hands on editing help

        – camera settings + equipment

        – creating a comfortable atmosphere for clients

        – how to get raw true personality authentic photos

        – For those with kids or anyone handling photog life and family life


        Q + A + STYLED SHOOT: 750

        THIS session…this session what I would have DREAMED of having when I was first starting out.  Workshops are so so good because you get to interact with so many photographers, learn, and have styled shoots.  But, for less then 1000 if I was able to spend 5.5 hours with a photographer I truly looked up to, I would have invested so fast.  I am such a hands on learner and I need experience to truly help me grow.  If you are like me, this is the mentor session you will want.

        We will start the day off by going and getting lunch or brunch which ever you want.  We will talk about YOU.  I want to get to know your personality and business aspirations.  You can ask me literally anything.  I might overshare sometimes but I am totally all about that with this session.  I want this mentorship day to open your eyes to the possibilities you can achieve.  Basically I want you to leave inspired as ever.

        After that we will drive to our styled shoot. I will have real humans who are as real as I am (but much much prettier).   Trust me you’ll want to post these images like crazy.  I will arrange the couple etc so no worries there but please let me know the kind of vibe you are going for.  Are you wanting fancy, wild and free, hippy, earthy, whatever the mood your going for please let me know.  During this shoot, I will shoot for a couple of min so you can see how I interact with my clients.  Then you and I will go over how to capture that raw true real look I manage to always get out of my clients.  Trust me you’ll want this.

        ON TOP of that, you’ll be able to get some fab head shots of you taken and edited by me.  I want this styled shoot to fit you and your brand.  After the shoot, we will grab so fast food somewhere and edit together using your photos. You can learn my work flow and how I effectively edit and send off my photos to my clients.  I will also look at your website, instagram, facebook, and critique you in what areas I feel you should improve.