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        I have been doing photography for three years. For three years, I had a hard time finding my editing style. Finding my truth. Who I was as a photographer. I experimented, I tried to be like others. But then, I realized trying to be like others wasn’t what was going to make me great. My photos are my own art. They are what my eye sees and my coloring is what I create.

        I decided this year to be strictly myself. Hence the glorious website update. Here are some things I’d like to try this year.

        Creating this website to be my personal blog and my photography blog. I feel like in order to be myself, I need to have both my business and personal life together. For some reason…I have to involve my life to feel successful. I am okay with that…that is who I am, that is what I like.

        I’d love to host a workshop. Have a workshop for fellow photographers who are just starting out and are needing some guidance. I want to enjoy where I am at in life. I will put being a Mother and Wife first. I want to feel happy no matter what challenges come to me. I want to capture moments that are honest, deep, and pure.Most of all I want to be myself in this. I want people to be attracted to the beauty that I see and I want them to be apart of it.


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