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        Celeste Nield Photography was found 6 years ago.  Celeste Nield Photography is a thriving Wedding Photography Buisness dedicated to you.  The team is Celeste Nield and Cheyenne Brown.  Before the year 2020 Celeste Nield had shot over 100 weddings.  This year despite the daunting challenges, we have added Cheyenne to the team. Now we have shot about 140 wedding’s total and we were awarded Cache Valley’s Best Wedding Photographer.

        Why should you choose Celeste Nield Photography? We help couples getting married remember their wedding day by capturing each precious moment and editing each photo timelessly.

        Brides tend to have a list of things that are important to them all the way to things that are not as important.  These include photographer, videographer, venue, wedding dress, wedding planner, flowers, makeup, food, guest list, cards, decorations, colors, and the list could go on.  Just talking with some of Celeste Nield Photo’s past brides these are the top ten decisions to make and plan for.

        Decisions Celeste Nield Photo’s Brides have said are most Important

        #1 Photographer

        #2 Venue

        #3 Dress

        #4 Food

        #5 Videography

        #6 Flowers

        #7 Honeymoon

        #8 Invitations

        #9 DJ

        #10 Drinks

        Photographer was hands down the number one on most of the brides lists.   Why? Because choosing the right photographer can make or break your wedding day.  Your wedding day is one of the most (if not the most) important days of your life.  Choosing someone that will put capture your day and edit them timelessly is extremely important.

        Celeste Nield Photo’s Priorities When taking Your Wedding Day Pictures

        #1 The Ceremony and Pics of Couple alone

        #2 Family and Grandparents

        #3 Bridal Party

        #4 Decorations and venue

        #6 Candid Moments and asking guests to smile

        #5 Send off

        #6 Dancing

        #7 Cake

        #8 Flower Toss

        #9 Toasts

        #10 Everything else

        Celeste Nield Photos focus is on you and the day is about getting all of the shots you need and more.  There is a big reason why Celeste Nield Photo was voted as Cache Valley’s Best Wedding Photographer.   Celeste Nield Photo is here to help you remember your wedding day by capturing each precious moment and editing your pictures timelessly.

        Check out one of our weddings here.



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